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    Emerich Associates Architects has over 35 years experience throughout the world in residential, commercial, and government projects, we are a full service firm that has the resources, skills and knowledge to provide comprehensive architectural and interior design services from conception to completion and is able to fulfill any of your project requirements.
Brian Emerich designed his first home while in high school. Since then many of his houses have won various local and community design awards. His firm prides itself on its ability to effectively balance our knowledge of working internationally with a sensitivity to local experience, environment and culture. The work includes advance alternative energy innovations in home designs as well as the use of sustainability concepts helping to make even the most luxurious homes environmentally compatible without sacrificing design or living standards.
The firm has been responsible for numerous commercial projects in the Virgin Islands as well as internationally over the years. These carefully crafted works include educational facilities, business centers, multi-use buildings, medical facilities, marina facilities and recreational campuses. Innovative designs, energy conservation and environmental sustainability are hallmark concepts of the firm. The designs seek to create synergies between paces and buildings, offer aesthetic inspiration and make commercial and environmental sense. The use of the latest technology available and the adaptation of the newest materials offers clients the best possible options available for their project.
In the world of design many options can exist for the same facility. The importance of function often defines the form, however, function does not necessarily control the appearance of a project. What you will find on our site are some samples of our projects reflecting different periods and options for the same projects.
Project Management and Project Administration are often confused and thought of or referred to interchangeably.
Project Administrator: represents the Owner in all project meetings and other field matters relating to the construction of the project; he or she will make periodic site visits to the project and record observations to report to the owner.
While all architects have training in Project Administration, few have a background and experience in Project Management. Brian Emerich has owned a construction company and performed the duties of a Construction Manger on many projects both as owner of his own company and while managing multiple contractors on a variety of projects. He has managed projects such as a private residence to multimillion dollar marina projects that included several shore base facilities. He has a record of being on-time and within budget. His knowledge in the field of Architecture has helped to defer cost overruns by identifying potential errors and omissions in the documentation.
The firm can help you bring any size project to a successful conclusion.
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